How Does It Work?

Each service has its own price tariff. The customer pays only for the services used in the warehouse. Forget about the fixed costs of warehousing and transport services.

Service prices depend on the number of goods, pallet sizes, and quantities.

15 years of logistics experience with mv transpoint

The goods are accepted from the transport company and unloaded in the warehouse on the basis of CMR or other delivery documents. The MV Transpoint employee checks the visual condition and quantity of the delivered cargo by making the necessary entries in the cargo documentation.

In-depth inspection of the customer’s product according to the supplier’s document, bill of lading or any other document issued by the customer.

Placement of goods in the warehouse according to the address system or other specific requirements of the customer.

We work, accept goods in our own or customer’s program.

Registration of articles, serial numbers.

Acceptance of goods through a ramp or gate at ground level.

Delivery documents are handed over to the customer upon request.

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We’ll tell you when the transport and/or storage space is available, possible delivery dates, and if there’s any potential to save on time or cost.

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Yes, it is possible to speak with our professionals by phone and/or email; you can also visit us at our office - just book a consultation visit first, please!

It's possible that you can get your package the next day, but, usually, it takes one to two days till a couple of weeks. Again - it depends on the package size, shipping distance, and the delivery methods you choose. Call our specialists to find out more.

Shipping rates vary depending on a number of criteria, including package dimensions, cargo type, weight, and location. A carrier will price your package when these variables have been computed.

MV Transpoint use safe & secure payment methods by electronic transfer.