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Frequently Asked Questions

Yes, it is possible to speak with our professionals by phone and/or email; you can also visit us at our office - just book a consultation visit first, please!

Most of the time it depends on the weight and the distance of the package, as well as the type of your shipment. Contact our specialists and find out the shipping, storage costs, and the most suitable methods for your situation.

It's possible that you can get your package the next day, but, usually, it takes one to two days till a couple of weeks. Again - it depends on the package size, shipping distance, and the delivery methods you choose. Call our specialists to find out more.

Shipping rates vary depending on a number of criteria, including package dimensions, cargo type, weight, and location. A carrier will price your package when these variables have been computed.

Unfortunately, we don't provide any refunds, but we can find an appropriate and suitable solution to any issue that might occur during our service.

Call our office any time and tell us your trouble. We will do our best to help you with the cancellation and/or with the ongoing processes.

The company is located in the territory of Riga Industrial Park, Ulbrokas Iela 19a in Riga, Latvia.

MV Transpoint use safe & secure payment methods by electronic transfer.

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